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About this server

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The database is currently quite empty since the restart of the demo server in October 2014. We plan to add a couple of test experiments to show BASE capabilities.

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News and announcements *

2018-08-23 Server upgraded to BASE 3.13.0
Welcome to your upgraded BASE server
2017-01-31 Server upgraded to BASE 3.10.0
Welcome to your upgraded BASE server
2016-04-22 Server upgraded to BASE 3.7.2
Welcome to your upgraded BASE server
2015-09-30 Server upgraded to BASE 3.5.3
Welcome to your upgraded BASE server
2015-03-18 Server upgraded to BASE 3.4.2
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2015-02-26 A demo project is available for browsing
Set project "GEO Series GSE35027" active and view experiment "GSE35027".

Data for this showcase is downloaded from GEO, http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/geo/query/acc.cgi?acc=GSE35027

Global gene expression analysis of human embryonic stem cells, adult fibroblasts , and CD34+ cord blood (CB) cells before, during, and afer their episomal induction of pluripotency
2015-02-26 MeV launcher extension 1.11 installed
This package integrates MeV v4.9 into BASE.

For more information see http://baseplugins.thep.lu.se/wiki/net.sf.basedb.mev
2015-02-24 Illumina plug-ins package for BASE v1.7 installed
This plug-in adds support for Illumina microarray data. See http://baseplugins.thep.lu.se/wiki/net.sf.basedb.illumina for more information.
2015-02-24 Server upgraded to BASE 3.4.1
Welcome to your upgraded BASE server
2015-01-29 Server upgraded to BASE 3.4.0
Welcome to your upgraded BASE server
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